repacked my exhuast silencer today

repacked the exhuast today. no wonder it was loud last year all the packing was burnt out. my friends always used to say they saw smoke and some times fire, i thought they were full of shit but now i know they weren't.

when i took it apart, before i touched anything.


after 30 mintues of cleaning with brake cleaner, the only thing that can cut the burnt oil.


all clean, the peice with the pipe with all the little holes is in rough shape, next year i'll buy a after market silencer.


new packing, i put way more than your supposed to in there, lol. one package of packing is supposed to do two 2-stroke silencers, i used 2/3 of the package.


red siliconed the shit out of it and put it together

lol, I thought my silencer packing was shot when I did mine - at least it was still there hahaha. Saturated in oil, but still there. I spent about an hour with an awl poking the carbon out of the little holes in the inside tube of the silencer.

ya the holes on mine were pretty clear so i just wiped it down.

why does your signature say 1993 CR?

why does your signature say 1993 CR?

Because that's my ride. I guess I like older girls :applause:

i thought you had a kick ass 2002 or 2003?

The only kick ass 2002 I've ever owned was a CBR954RR, and I sold that for a down payment on my house.

Just about looks rusted out or corroded in the first pic.... lol

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