off day

anybody ever have an off day were they suck at ridein well to day was one of those days i have fell more today then i have the hole time i have had the bike it sucks i want to ride so bad but i'm goin to kill myself....think i have to much on my mind to foces on ridin........:applause:

I guess you were riding hard enough, eh? (looking at your sig line) dont' worry about it! Riding's a great way to learn how to set those nagging thoughts aside and focus on the right now. It helps to laugh about it. I have a few friends we score each other on how creative or stupid our crashes are:D A lot of riding is trial and error, it's good to be able to learn from your mistakes. I have a trail here at home with a difficult off camber narrow tight turn(with trees right on the sides:D) I've fallen on that corner more times than I've gotten through it, but it feels so good that one time I did it right.

Have a great time the next time you go out!!

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