Suspension Setup

Hey everyone. Have a few questions as I'm going to go ahead and service my suspension here in the next few weeks. I've ordered 3wt maxima oil for the rear shock as I'm not sure what to run. In the forks I plan on running a 5wt Maxima oil. Will this be a good oil to run? What is the oil height?

I'm also thinking of swapping springs as I feel the ride is too stiff. I'm 175 lbs without gear and about a mid class C rider. Right now I'm running 100mm of sag. I have dialed in the suspension as much as I possibly can and feel that its pretty good but just think that getting the right springs will make it that much better. I think I don't need a revalve...just a service and get the right springs. So what should I go for as far as springs?

Thanks everyone:thumbsup:

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