Jetting issue on my DRZ 125?


I have a DRZ 125 04' model. I have to use starting fluid to get it started and when I get it warmed up it will run fine at about 1/4 throttle but give it any more and it will bog and die. What do you suppose the problem is? Thanks,


Has it sat for an extended period of time? Sounds like you migh have stale gas or the jets in your carb are clogged up. You may also want to change your plug while yor at it

Yup, rckfisher hit it right on the head. If it will run, but wont idle, check your pilot jet. They are usually the first to clog with something floating around in your gas tank, or just plain old skunky gas. Pull the jet and see if you can see through it. If not, thats your problem, blow compressed air through it until you can see the light at the end of the tunnel...


Fixed it. I had taken the carb apart before and cleaned it but i must have missed a spot. She's runnin' now! thanks guys!


My drz 125 2008, has the same problem, so i should take the carbi out and clean it? and where are the jets and how can i clean thyem?

using starter fluid is not the greatest thing for the engine, it burns alot hotter and can burn a hole right through the piston

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