Fork Seal Question

Have an 06 YZ250 with a slight fork seal leak.

After everyride there is a small amount of oil that leaks out and just a tad pools around the bottom of the fork. Nothing too serious.

I have a couple of replacements but just haven't had the time to take it in and have them replaced(Forks scare me or I would do it myself)

So the question is can I unscrew the air bleed screws at the top of the forks and drip oil in there in hopes of replacing the missing fluid from the right side?

I know I should get it replaced but not until it gets a bit more serious.

Yes you can. Pop off the dust seal with a screwdriver and slide a film negative or such underneath the oil seal. Hopefully you will dislodge the dirt and it will stop leaking.

You could add oil through the bleed hole, but how would you know how much to put in? Doing the seals isn't super tricky if you leave the inner chambers alone. I'd recommend changing the inner oil, but if your goal is to replace the seals to stop the leaking, then the OEM manual will cover tools needed and the procedure quite well. Take your time and ask questions if needed!

The air bleed screw goes to the inner cartridge I believe. If your leaking its most likely the outer chamber. If you add fluid theres no way of telling if you are adding the correct amount to make sure both legs are even. If one leg has more or less fluid than the other, handling will be compromised.

I would try cleaning the seal. Take the dust seal off and stick something thin like a laminated card and work it around the seal to see if you can get some dirt out of there.

edit: guess I type slow...2 people beat me to it.

Thank You for the replies.

So are we sure that there are two different oil resorvoir's, and that adding oil in the air bleed area will only add it to the inner resovoir?

I appreciate the guidance

yes, your forks have two chambers. the bleed screw releases air from the outer chamber. the inner chamber is more or less sealed. your manual will have a good break down with illustrations. it will be very difficult to add much oil through the bleed screw holes. they're very small. i think i saw an add for factory connection suspension that showed a tool that screwed into the holes that allowed oil to be added.

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