TE510 vs SM510 reliability

I'm a KTM guy looking at the new huskys ... I do lots of freeway/highway miles and wondering if there was any difference reliability wise between the sm and te. I have 2 sets of wheels for the KTM and would do the same for the husky.

I looked at the specs and realize they are basically the same engine, but I also noticed the 17" wheeled sm is 16 lbs heavier ... I thought maybe there might possibly be an oil cooler or additional oil capacity or something like that to make it more reliable for the street.

Also does the sm have a wider gear box ratio than the te?



If you are looking to get dirt and SM wheels, get the TE. It's a pain to try and fit dirt wheels to the SM, the other way is much easier.

I heard a rumour that the SM has a cush-drive internal to the gearbox, but that may not be the case. Someone else may have the facts for this.

The internal gear ratios are identical, but the final drive is obviously different.

Transmission on the 2007 SMR and TE are the same, both are constant mesh. The final ratios though are different. The TE is lighter (lb258.6)as apposed to the Sm510R (lb 271.6).

Sm has ignition and extra wiring so that adds weight. Oil volume is the same (U.S. Quarts 1.5 at filter change).

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