Few questions from a new owner 2000 yz 125

I searched but there is so much info on here i couldnt find my answers haha

First since my 10th digit in the vin is Y i have determined i have a 2000 yz125 not a 99 like i thought i was buying haha not a bad surprise i guess

What years are the same as my 2000? mainly i need a new head and piston and want to make sure it will work with my connecting rod and bottom end.

Stock gearing and other specs would be nice to have as well.

Also things like fork seals, full rebuild kit, plastics and gas tank. What years are compatible? Thanks in advance:cheers:

96-01 the plastics and graphics will interchange..250 stuff like plastics and graphics will also fit if its the same years..um..not sure about the head,and piston..its possiable tho..i think the sprockets will work..but other than those few things im not sure.

if you go to the yamaha website, they have a parts catalog where u can check to see what parts interchange with other years. most of the time on different year bikes the first 3 to 4 digits will be different, so just go by the last digits in the part #

Well i have ordered a bunch of stuff but i am still stuck on the cylinder head.

Part numbers are different for every year of cylinder, but i know they aren't all different. If anyone knows what cylinders are the same as a 2000 that would be awesome

Also the local shop is telling me they cant bore this type of cylinder out, mentioned because of the type and the powervalves?

Can these be bored out or must they be resleeved

i thought mine would have to be resleeved when i blew mine up..but we took it to my shop and they bored my cylinder for me.

if the cylinder is not too scratched it can just be re-honed...check yamaha of troys website, they have brand new cylinders for $236 or around there. what does the part number on the side of the cylinder say?

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