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RC valve adjustment

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Luckily, adjusting the CR250's servo cables is not much more complicated than adjusting a clutch cable. Here are the five steps to getting your flapper valve to open all the way.

Step one

: Pull off the RC valve cover and turn the actuator counter-clockwise until it stops.

Step two:

: Push the left-side cable to the left. If you can push it to the point where it touches or almost touches the cylinder, it is too loose.

Step three:

: If the cable is loose, you will have to push the rubber cover on the cables out of the way to get a 10mm open-end wrench on the lock nut.

Step four:

: Using an 8mm opened-end wrench adjust the left side cable until it has a tiny bit of play in it. Do not make it taut.

Step five:

: Tighten the nut, pull the rubber cover down and put the RC valve cover back on. Now, enjoy the benefits of a fully open exhaust port.

i think this article is missing something......what to i do with the cable on the right? if you tighten one you'll have to loosen the other and vice versa right?

mine is way off.....way off. so i gotta know.

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You do not have to adjust the right side, simply secure.

Step 4 requires you to check play, if necessary adjust the bottom nut, push the assembly back in place, check play and repeat until you get it right. Check that the flappers open and close fully by rocking the pulley. Then proceed to step 5.

I just did this on Friday.

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yes they open fully and close properly after i adjusted. so i guess its good to go?
I've read somewhere that you need to have the right side cable thread screwed a certain amount into the casing. (I need to find the thread)

The problem is when I have the proprer length on the bottom, the cable gets all crooked. :applause:

Edit: I found it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3142545&postcount=3

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