Clutch is slipping......

So I bought a used 2007 YZ250F and I went out on the track a week ago and seemed fine but did notice the clutch was slipping a little so I thought it may have been the Fully Syn oil.. so this week I changed the oil and filter.. noticed bits of clutch in the oil! lots!..... so changed oil with 10W-50 Yamalube and now the clutch was even worse today... do I need to buy new clutch plates?..

Most likely you need new friction plates, possibly steel plates too. I've had to replace the clutch on all of my 250Fs as soon as I moded them. The stock clutch is borderline for a stock engine and any extra power makes them slip (or if the rider is abusive to clutches he can burn one up really fast).

I do have a pipe on it and the bike does seem to have a lot of power! should I get better clutch plates?

If you are already having clutch problems, I wouldn't buy a cheap clutch. Your cheapest option may be to get OEM plates and heavy duty clutch springs. This will make the clutch pull harder though. I have had some success doing this, but I have also had bikes that went from slipping to chattering with stiffer springs. A quality clutch system like a DP or a Hinson will solve the problem, but they are a bit pricey. Expect to pay about $200 for quality friction plates and steel plates.

Before you order anything though, take your clutch apart and measure all the components. If they are still in spec then you may want to try different oil and stiffer springs with your current plates and save the money. If they are out of spec then you will have to replace them.

Would 2006 YZ250F clutch plates work for the 2007?

Looking on they have plates but only up to 2006?

According to the TT parts store , they are different part #'s .

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