Bike won't remain idling, just dies

My bike won't remain at idle. It just slowly dies. I already have the idle screw all the in (slide lifted open).

I just recently leaned out the bike twice.

And both times it would die.

1st change to:

165 main

45 pilot

EKQ #3

3/4 - 1 1/4 screw

2cd change to:

Taffy Mod

162 main

42 pilot

EKQ #3

1/2 screw

I lost that bog which is good. But it still won't idle.

Also, both times I have ridden in the two jettings above, there seems to be a miss in spark at high revs (WOF or close). But that is only every now and then and not constant. Any ideas?

slide in upsidedown?

dougie if you've got a #100 PAJ in you haven't understood or remembered the relationship between PJ and PAJ, come on mate get with it!

next if you're going to a #42 you need a low PAJ to give it a rich ratio due to you running a needle which is junk.

a Q needle and low PC settings (a bad combo anyway) means that your pilot screw needs to be right out. i'd say 1.5-2 turns.

misfire at the top? down 5 on the MJ will help as will dropping the needle as a test.


Dude, I don't care how much you yell at me, I am not going to understand jetting :) Man I don't even know where the PAJ is on this thing. What do you mean that needle is junk? Everyone told me to go to that needle. You can't see me right now but I am pulling my hair out and sucking my thump curled up in the corner.

That said, I will try you suggestions, because that is all I have man.

I had a very similiar problem with my 00 wr400, but I had many probs, the biggest prob was my carb joint (the thingy between carb and motor)was worn and not seeding the carb well and was screwing me up pretty good. replaced that for 11.85 and bike idles great! Never hurts to check!

Good Luck!



I was going to wait to talk to you tomorrow about this question of yours...but it appears that we may not be riding (unless we put on the snow tires). :)

As far as the EKQ needle is concerned, I wouldnt call it junk...but not as good of a performer as what I have now. It certainly worked OK for me...along with a 155MJ...and the 42PJ/75PAJ combo. There must be something else wrong that's the exact jetting I was running for all of last year...and there's several other CO folks out there with the same. Since you dont know where your pilot air jet is, I'd imagine that it's still the stock 75PAJ...which should be fine in conjunction with a 42PJ.

Hopefully we'll be talking in person on the trail tomorrow about this...



sorry if you took it on the chin but your stuck out at sea so we've got to say it quick and get you back ashore PDQ!

Larry is right you will probably still be running the 75PAJ with that 42PJ so you're ok. the Q needle is notthe choice of anyone i know on the WR page at TT. have you been visiting ANOTHER SITE?

i would suggest you screw that PS right out. 2 turns even.

Larry will tell you where everything is. especially if he has his workshop manual with him 'coz it has lots of hardcore exploded drawings of the carbs "bits" ooooaaaahhh :)

i wouldn't look for a leak i would pull the jets out, blow the carb through THEN check the seal when putting it back together.

good luck. i'm on your side (i think) :D


I know I'm gonna get smacked for this but.....

I am running 158 main jet, and a 45 pilot jet, and I raised the needle one position. (my previous setup was running lean.)

I went out this weekend,(yes in the snow)and the bike ran fine, of course this was also the first time I've riddin the bike with the throttle stop cut.

I have not pulled the plug yet to see if we ended up rich or lean, but I didnt pick up any real disfunction.


I hate to beat this horse, but did you take the slide out for any reason. My bike wouldn't idle for the longest time, until I convinced myself that I might have, in fact, screwed up. Took the slide out, and found that the slide insert (metal plate that acts as teh cut-away) was in fact upside down... Bike idled perfectly thereafter.

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