Drz400 Ltz 400

does the drz use the same crank as the ltz ?

yes,same crank.

Engine is same as E model for the most part.

Does that mean case savers, ignition/clutch covers, etc., etc. are the same? Can you take an LTZ engine, and basically install in a DR-Z frame w/ no issues?

That would be sweet...a drz with REVERSE! Impress the hell outta your friends if you could learn to ride it backwards.....lol

Just comparing my 04 drz400S I notices on the right case cover you have direct access to the clutch if you wanted my buddys 04 ltz the hole case cover has to come off to get to the clutch....no seperate opening, which I kinda didnt like

no,the motors do not inter change.

the cases and trans missions are different.

How about the cams? Would there be any advantage in putting them in my S?

no,they are the same as S cams.

Your right Tranny's are different.

DOes the Ltz get the E pipe?

I also read on another forum about how a lot of LTZ's had a problem with the magnesium in some part of the cooling system that reacted with the coolant and basically disolved the engine from the inside.

I also read the DRZ doesnt suffer from this problem.

Eddie, have you run into it alot?

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