86' xl600r kickstart help...

I have a problem! I was starting my xl and the kick starter popped and the kicker wouldn't return to the top. If I pull it back up I can start it but it still doesn't return by itself. I guess it is the return spring, but how hard is that to replace and will riding it like that hurt anything? Any help is wonderful!! Thanks. :applause:


I was messing around with it when I replaced the clutch. The worst is draining the oil. Not hard to get to.

Good luck.

How comfortable are you with working on the bike? It will take some time, and a few parts, but if I remember right, it is do-able. And you could probably ride it and be okay, but I wouldn't chance it. The reason is, is because you don't know where or how it broke. Something might have broken off, and could be floating around in the case. And while the piece should be heavy enough where it should fall to the bottom, there is always the risk that it might get kicked up into some of the gears.

I did this on a mid-80's XR250, but the process should be the same. I'll look at my manual a little later if I can find it. But, heres what it should entail...

Order a return spring, and order a right crankcase cover gasket.

Take off the kick starter, rear brake pedal, and footpeg mount.

Drain the oil.

Take off all the bolts around the case, and disconnect the decompressor cable, and the clutch cable if its mounted there (I can't remember)

Once you pull the case off, you should be able to get a good look inside.

Its been a while since I did this, but you should either be able to pull your kickstart shaft out, or pull the spring off. Or, it could be something different, like I said, its been a while.

Over all, its not too difficult, just time consuming. The best thing to do is get ahold of a Honda service manual if you can. That will tell you exactly what to do, and what the process entails.

I was thinking that too Thump. I won't ride it untill fixed! I'm sure that I can do it. I'm pretty handy with hand tools. I just have never had this problem with any of my rides yet. oh well I'll order parts today! Hope to get time to work on it this weekend.

Yeah well to do the Kickstarter spring you are going to need to remove the Clutch basket etc.It can be a bit of a job getting the main nut off the Clutch Shaft..Rattle Gun or Air powered impact type driver is the job for that.This is the DIY method to get that nut off..Release the lock washer that holds it in place with a punch or screwdriver or combo of the two.Stick the bike in gear and then put a metal drift through one of the holes in the rear sprocket and then move the wheel so it locks against the Swingarm..Apply your Rattle gun or Sockets with short first extension and a large handle for plenty of purchase power.(You will be needing it) and undo the nut in an Anti-Clockwise direction .Hopefully it will release easily.Remove all the Clutch parts noting the washer placements etc.The actual Kickstart spring is hooked in at the rear of the mechanism,,will take a bit of fiddling to release it..Come back if you run into trouble.

Yup, I sure will! I have a Manual for the pictures!! :applause:

Kidding. I think I'll be ok. Thanks for the tips!

Yeah, I was afraid the mechanism might be behind the clutch basket. I've seen it on some bikes where you could get to it w/o pulling the clutch off, but thats only been on a few.

As for getting the clutch nut off, I used a different method that worked well for me. In the Honda manual, they say use a clutch holding tool, and they had a picture of it. I was actually able to make my own clutch holding tool, and that worked perfectly for helping to get the nut off.

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