&$%&@# Fork Boots

I pulled the bottom of the fork boots up off the lower fork to clean underneath.

I tried for about 30 minutes to get them back on. No Luck!

How the heck do you guys get the bottom of the fork boot back on the fork where it goes?


i did that too, try something slippery other than water like vaseline or something that will make it easier to slip it back down, also it may help if you have a small pocket screwdriver (flathead) to get underneath the boot, but be careful to not scratch/score the fork tube. good luck

I figured out a good way. Now the solution will be available on a search so people won't have to waste a ton of time like I did.

I had someone help me with this. I took 4 sets of needle nose pliers and grabbed 4 sections of the bottom of the boot. I grabbed it at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock and simply pulled the boot over the fork tube.



Lol i remeber i did this while on the trail, forgot how i put them back on but i did it without tools.

I've never even taken mine off :cry::applause:

I didn't know they coudl just slide off without cutting the clamp off lol...

I need to get on that, I bet there is all kinds of crud in there... :)

Isnt there i screw in the clamp to open and close the clamp?

same thing happened to me. compact them all the way down by the fork seals and twist them. it may take a flathead to get them started but i did both of mine in like 10 minuites

rubbing alchohol will help to slide them on and when it evaporates it will help them to grab. I used the same method as offroad honda 77. mash them down and twist.

works like a charm dont it

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