Fork sag guidlines?

I've got a TE610. When holding the front brake and stepping on the footpeg, the front compresses "somewhat" less than the rear. Sag is 40 mm static, and 60 mm rider. I weigh about 175 with gear. What does this tell me about the spring?

I've read in a few places rider fork sag should be 25% of travel, which would be about 77.5 mm...but then i'm also reading that a lot of folks run significantly less sag than that...especially on mx bikes.

Does the fact that this is a 320 lb bike make any difference in the guidelines? The bike gets used for a bit of everything, from tight woods to jumps to street riding.

thanks in advance for your replies.

First of all you have to know what the manufacturer recomends for race and static sag. Then you use your measurements to decide wether you have the right springs or not. The weight of your bike is irrelevant as the manufacturer takes this into consideration when designing the bike.

Your static sag looks pretty good but the rider sag is too high. You want 75-80mm rider sag. 35-45mm static sag. If you don't have enough sag then your bike will have problems setting up for tight turns in the woods. Check and see if you have preload spacers inside the forks on top of the springs. WP usually has a couple 5mm spacers . I usually end up removing one from each leg. Your Husky probably has 11.8" or 300mm of travel. Seems to be the industry standard today.


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