250 wheels

From my searches here it looks like any wheel from a 2000 or newer model 125 and bigger will fit my '06 250 XC.

I'm looking for a used wheel set up for a spare and would like to confirm. Anybody know for sure?

Anybody know of a good wheel for sale at a reasonable price?


I have a spare set, black or silver, but they both have 19" rear rims. I am not sure what years they fit, but mine work on an 03 perfectly.PM if interested.


how much do you need for those wheels and do yo know if it willfit a 98 sx250

03 and newer use the larger front axle, rears are the same since mid 90's. Small front axle will work if bearings changed to larger inside diam, I THINK, from memory. May have to mix n match wheel spacers on the front as the SX use different than the EXC/MXC, but they all work if bearings and spacers are right.

how much do you need for those wheels and do yo know if it willfit a 98 sx250

Might need a spacer kit for the front, but rear should be fine. I have a few guys asking for wheels now, and would like to keep one set, so if anyone wants them they better hurry!

This is just for everyone, if I sell them to someone else i'm sorry, they just were ready to pay faster, because I need a bike to ride while this is the only one I have.

call me at 602-826-1718 if you want to sell them fast, if priced right ask for Mike

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