any BROCK CREEK pics??

Hey guys, I am from Central MN and I am riding brock creek next weekend for my first time. I was wondering if anybody has pictures of the trails so I can see what I am getting myself into. thanks

Here's a link to a thread on Ktmtalk

A few pics and if you look for prior posts about Brock you will see more photos and interesting stories.

We are going down Wed. night and should be there Thurs. morning. The trails

at Brock Creek are hilly and rocky. I used a trials tire last year and it worked very good. You shouls see a lot of riders from MN down there.

See Ya there!


I see so many links to KTM talk to reference pics and posts, but unless you are a member you can't see them :) Don't KTM talk members realize this :applause:


Sorry about that. :applause:

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