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06 Valve Seals

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Still working on my first Top End Job. Got new intake and exhaust seals yesterday at the local dealer. When he gave the exhaust ones to me I said that the orginal ones are green, the ones he gave me are brown. The parts guy told me that it was right. Started putting everything back together yesterday and when I got to the point of putting the seals on the exhaust side I was still unsure. I went to the parts store on this site and the part number I need is 12209-GB4-682. The dealer gave me 12209-GB4-681. They look identical except for the color. I called the dealer and , of course, they were clueless if I could use them or not. He has both seals in stock. Does anyone know if I can use the 681 instead of the 682's. It's about a 60 mile drive to the dealer for me. I'm kinda upset about it. Next time I am buyng all my parts on-line so I know I'm getting the right stuff.

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