Snapped a Fork Spring 06 YZ250

Heard a clunk on landings of jumps so I pulled the forks apart and this is what I found (check pic below)

Add that to my list of odd parts I have broken on this 06 YZ.

I will be shopping for a new YZ250 in a few weeks, 07 or 08 I think.


Wow, never heard of a broken fork spring. Since your getting a new bike you should part this one out and sell me the suspension and stock

I really dont know what to say.......I imagined its possible, but never saw one break like that before.

Autograph the thing and put it on ebay!

Did you guys know upallnight had to return his pet rock that broke?

All i can say !!

As my mom would say "you need to ride slower".

Stock fork spring?

WOW:eek: Un *&%$ing believable! Never seen that also, Its got to be a flaw in the spring,:applause: but that is fewwwwww and real far between. R U a Pro rider?



I've seen some odd stuff get broken... but I believe this is the weirdest. How do you break something like that?

Yeah, it was a stock spring.

Im just a weekend warrior like most, however I do crank in alot of laps and tend to wear down a bike.

I never seen a fork spring break either but I guess anything is possible (dam it). I think its just a sign that I need a new bike:thumbsup:

LOL Dirt bike riders always try to justify why they need a new bike. Im one of them. I have a 07 KX250f, 05 YZ250, 06 KX450, and a mod KLX110. As you probably already know the motors are basically the same from 03 to 08 on the YZ250 but there is a 2lb loss in the front end on the 08 model. And i do believe it is in unsprung weight which makes a difference in the action of the fork. Now go buy that bike!!! You NEED it!!! LOL

Cmon' now...quit foolin' around. That spring is a two piece unit from a 1975 YZ125, you know...with the small top out spring on the damper rod.

Now go get that new bike!

Man do you break your bikes or what.

2 things - no you can't borrow my bike and no I don't want to buy yours.:applause:

Man do you break your bikes or what.

2 things - no you can't borrow my bike and no I don't want to buy yours.:applause:

haha! :):cry:

SWEET now your the originator of the "broken spring" award for the month!!!! get a nice piece of wood and route the edges, stain it up and mount that spring to it. Now get a little plaque and get Broken Spring of The Month put on it LOL hand it off each month!!

Glad to see you're happy enough with YZ250 to get another.

Glad to see you're happy enough with YZ250 to get another.

Im on my second one :) Couldnt think of anything better to own :applause:

Glad to see you're happy enough with YZ250 to get another.

For me, it comes down to safety. I work as a Firefighter for a living and cant afford to miss too much work because of injuries.

2 Strokes are safer bikes (when compared to 4 strokes) because when they die or bog they dont have a ton of de-compression slowing the rear wheel. This can really save your azz when your way up in the air.

The 2 stroke is better balanced and lighter, also making it safer even in a crash.

And the YZ is the most stable out of the 2 strokes.

I cant tell you how many times the YZ has pulled me out of stuff that other brand bikes would have left me on the ground.

The YZ250 just melts in my mouth, its so tasty.

Well, new replacement stock spring is in...

Now I have a new spring to break in:o

I only have about 2 or 3 more rides on this bike till I round up a new one though

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