Rehabbing a SLAP tear? Dr...?

I injured my right shoulder about 2 months ago in a non-riding incident. Diagnosed as a SLAP tear, not serious enough for any surgery, doc sent me to PT. In between the injury and PT, pain in the shoulder was diminshing. PT put me on stretching and excercising rotator cuff tendons and muscles. The more I work it, the more agitated the joint becomes - more pain, popping around at night. In my limited understanding, I can't see how working these muscles will help the labrum heal. Any experience or advice out there?

It there is a bunch of mechanical symptoms such as POPPING, then you need to have the arthroscopic surgery.

That's the thing - no popping to note of until PT started messing with my arm.

whether it be PT, or off road riding,

nonpainful popping gets ignored, painful popping get operated on.

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