2007 Wr250f

A little background. I bought my wr for trail use and have found myself more and more enjoying the jumping aspect of dirtbikes. I have been able to jump everything I have tried so far, but sometimes the landings are rough. I know that my suspension is not set up for jumping.

My question is what can I do to my bikes suspension to stiffen it up a little bit to make jumping more comfortable? Will I be able to adjust the stock set up enough to make the changes I want, or will I have to revalve and respring?

Do nothing but change the viscosity of the oil. That will fix three problems - blow-through, bottoming and the rough-chatty ride

Then follow up by fine tuning the oil level to suit the needs of ride height and bottoming protection.

If that doesn't cut it, you'll have to advance to a re-valve.


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