Floating Valve set carb slide: ring appearance and Wow.. $$$

Cleaning my carb on my 2007. When I popped the slide assembly out, on the back of the Floating Valve set is a really thin rubber o-ring seal of sorts. Is it supposed to be all wavy and scrunchy? There was one 1/2 " section that was no longer in place and just could not get it go back. Needs to be scrucnhed up around its permiter to fit since the interior diameter is actually larger than the groove it goes into and around.

Talk about delicate. This is a low mileage bike, kinda suprised it was partially out of its groove to begin with. Also not quite sure whats its purpose is (anyone?). And, of course, I tore it trying to get it back in place. This piece is so delicately and trouble getting back in I will be hesitant to remove this piece in the future.

Guesss what - $60 piece! :applause:

#16 here: Floating valve set

The other side, throttle valve, is $137 !!

#24 here: Throttle valve

Anyone else find this to be the case?

That set is $45.48 at my Dealer. Nut sure what the deal is, though. Haven't really gotten into the carb, yet.

That sucks that you ripped it. I sprayed mine with carb cleaner and it relaxed and expanded so that it fit back on easily. I was doing this when I was trying to solve an erratic idle problem and thought this was it. It turned out I had to adjust the valves.

Thats the vacuum release plate. Thumpers vacuum signal is so srong that it can pin the slide to the carb. The vacuum release plate prevents that front happening. Those things are what you hear rattling when they idle.

So is the thin rubber ring supposed to be all wavy when its around the circular channel it fits in?

Order yamaha part# 4FN-14997-00-00 $7.39 same part yamaha sells them seperate.

you should be able too get that part from sudco.com too

you should be able too get that part from sudco.com too

This was wierd. When I removed the slide and looked at the rubber ring that fits on it, it was kinda strected (larger than the diameter hole it fit on, and have a wavy pattern to it - exactly like the wavy patter a piston oil ring has to it.

Whats odd, is when I got the new part today and went to look at the old one, the waves had dissapeared and it was more or less back to just flat. Wierd huh! So something had really tweaked that ring soemhow and Im pretty certain I did nothing on disassembly, its not like the slide is hard to remove. Everys een this before? Its a super flimsy delicate ring/seal. Couldnt have been good for performance.

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