Is atf suitable for use in showa shocks? ive heard you can use it in forks so does that means its fine for shocks too? also is there an atf equivalent to the thickness of the bel-ray fork oil in the 7W-10W range?



I use it if i'm plan on having the shock apart again soon.(cheap oil for stack testing) It seems too fad real easy.I wouldn't use it long term.

The bottom line is that ATF offers the best performance at the lowest price.

In other words, at what you pay for ATF, you can't beat it.

And in some cases, it even out performs some of the low grade suspension fluids on the market.

So I would consider the use of it if you're doing very short term testing, or very light duty riding.

However, I would never use ATF in any severe application unless you want to be tearing things down after every two or three rides. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of extreme use to permanently alter ATF.

I did my own revalve the other day and thought i would use ATF. I figured i would have to go back in a few times anyway so why not use cheaper oil. What made me change my mind and lay out the dough for the honda fork oil was that i thought that not being able to remove all the ATF from the forks before putting in the honda oil would only contaminate my expensive oil and screw up the grading. Maby others are not concerned with this and maby it's not even an issue, i just figured i would stick to the honda oil.

ChrisMX just corrected me on something so I just wanted to clear this up.

I should have noted that not all ATF fluids will fail in this manner - I just had some poor results from some recent testing of an off-brand high performance fluid.

Sorry about that. Didn't mean to jump to such a broad conclusion about all ATFs.

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