Ive searched everywhere on this site and i cant find any pics of the exhaust mod. Thanks in advance.:applause:

Great link Thanks! last winter i got the JD Jetting kit and did all the mods excluding the exhaust. For some reason i remember Agent Smith posting some pics of the exhaust mod removing a baffle. This is different than that. Which mod is better and has everyone adopted this new method? I want to open up the exhaust a bit but also keep the db level as low as possible. Thanks.

does the exhaust stay under 96 db?

Instead of drilling the hole I just cut the tube in 1/2 midway between the rings. Did it that way so if I wanted to retore it I could tack weld the tube back together, easier that plugging a hole.

Fwiw, the part you drill is plugged and acts as a resonator to the gasses that flow through those side holes. Think of blowing aver the top of a pop bottle, the frequency cancels out some of the sound. A pretty clever device.

Stock it's supposed to be 82db, don't think drilling the hole or cutting raises it that much (over any limits). For me it still sounded like crap, so I built my own with a bigger outlet.

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