Feelin Groooovy

Today it was 54 and SUNNY, I went out and did my "outdoor treadmill" with SHORTS and a TANK TOP. The sun felt sooooo good on the skin! Snow still on the higher hills(not much higher than me). So...I went 8 miles today, and 5 of it was JOGGING--woo!--I've NEVER done that in my life, I feel nauseous thinking of junior high when my masochistic pe teacher would make us run full out till we got sick(no warm up, or working up to being able to run--of course she was a runner). I was joggin slow, it's a rutty gravel road but I was jogging. I was SOOO hungry when I got done, hopefully that means I burned fat. I've been the same weight for a few months now, but definately losing fat and getting muscle. It would be nice to accelrate that fat (43 is so fun!)

I did an experiment to figureout how much a bike weighs when your are picking it up, at certain points as you lift it, so I could figure out how much weight to lift to make me so I can just flip the bike up :applause:. I had a hanging scale that could go to 50#(I checked to make sure it was accurate). I hooked it to the end of a 100# barbell. At just liftin one end off the ground(the other end is on the ground), the scale weighed 45#, then at a 45' angle it weighed 30#. SO using the fully loaded figure for my bike 260#, I figure(this is not exact!) at just off the ground I am lifting about 117#, then when the bike is at a 45' angle I am pushing up 85#.

Sooooo, I've been deadlifting that 100# barbell , doing 3 sets of 5, not letting the barbell touch the ground in between lifts. I'm not doing the full deadlift, just standing up straight. I'm too weeny to lift it any further:D I'll see if it makes me flick that bike :) ha, that and a tugger strap!

Woo! In 2 weeks or so I can order stuff for my bike, rad guards and barkbusters, soon as that gets on the bike I'm gettin muddy! (I know I'm going to dump it in the mud!)

Of course, it's nice and warm where YOU are.....:applause:

It was 32f here in Calgary today, which is actually pretty warm for this time of year (a week ago Friday it was 40 below).

I got all sorts of new parts to install on my bike. I WANNA RIDE, DAMMIT!!!:):cry:

It's gonna be 6C tomorrow... jogging through snow and frozen back alley and try to pick up bike in frozen cul-de-sac are in order :applause:

I got a tan today:p

It was 12F here and we were in a blizzard warning until tonight so the only things outdoors here are skiing and snowmobiling!

Yesterday we had sleet that turned to snow. But on Saturday we got a full afternoon of riding in. The girl's second ride on her 85 and I got to have a blast on the hubby's 250F.

Next Sunday we will be heading north to ride another endurance race. The hubby and I are teaming up on his 250F. It will be a freaking hoot!!!! Lots of winter dirtbike riding to be had! Just throw on the studs and off you go! :applause:

Yea yea, rub it in. We had freezing rain and temps around 24 degrees all day long.

its almost 60 here! i think i need to go ride a little.

One more sunny day today, and then the rain is back!

Put on your hat Kent! (and send me a pic!)

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