Finally got my bike back.

I finally got my bike back!

I haven't been riding for about a year now.

Just took it for a spin today... and man... I cant ride for **** anymore lol...

Hopefully it don't take too much time to get back "into the groove"...

Since my friends have a whole year on me now :applause:

Got a whole new motor, new rims and tires, full yoshimura exhaust, and bunch of other small things.

Next i want to get new plastics. My rear one is snapped in the middle and holding together with zip ties :)

Well heres some pics:




Soo clean and nice,

What year?

Its an 06.

Glad that you're getting back into it! Best of luck catching up to your buds.

hey where do you live? Saw you talking about riding in 29 Palms and that background looks like out here in 29, you live here?

yep sure do live in 29 palms.

Might know of you then. Maybe we can go riding soon, I dont ever have anyone to ride with

Yeah, I usually ride at the dunes over by the golf course towards base.

Roadrunner, I ride by there but dont really stay to ride. Broke my wrist there 2 months back and just got back on my bike. You riding tomorrow or this next weekend?

Nah 'probly' next weekend.

Word. Ill probably see you around there sometime considering there arent many "fun" places to ride around here

PM me sometime if you want to go riding, boring riding alone all the time. Heading out to ride tomorrow while mostly everyone else will be at work/school

Nice bike, I like how you have no graphics and the green/black combo. Nice work.

alright man, throw in some seat time! you need to catch up to your buddy

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