Hiflo oil filters?

any one use hiflo oil filters?, if so what did u think of them compared to paying 2-3 times the amount for OEM ones?:applause:

Theyre all I use in my 450 and no problems with them so far. $3.33 a filter at my local dealer is a steal

yea good filter.. not sure if you read the link up there that takes you to the parts unlimited catalogue.. but in other words.. hiflo isnt LIKE certain high priced filters... hiflo IS the same exact filter.. all i use in my bike also

all i have ever used in my bikes

we use them at my shop on bikes we service but don't sell, no complaints.

good call apologies

No complaints here.

Look like every other filter to me:excuseme: I am getting ready to try the tusk filters from rockymountain, as soon as I run out of OEM. I already bought them and they look just like the OEM ones so I don't see why they won't work like them...

You could pay twice what a Hiflo costs and buy a K&N. Trouble is, a K&N IS a Hiflo with a K&N stamp on it.

Hiflos are all I run.

From what I have heard K&N in who makes the HIGHFLO filters.

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