Air mixture screw?

Hey Thumpers, I have an 02 wr426 and ride from 9-12000'. I just changed my jetting to a 38pj/158mj/ekq#3 and stock air jets. Have done the bk mod and acv mod. Was wondering how to adjust the air screw. Its at about 2 1/2 turns out right now but dont know where it should be or what to look/listen for for proper set up. Could someone help me out. Thanks TT

first off, it's a fuel screw. The more turns out, the more fuel.

If you chop the throttle, and the revs hang up, too lean.

The old method was if backfiring on decel, too lean.

If you are 2.5 turns out, and it's too lean, go up on your pilot.

To play w/ it, start out at 1/2 turn and try it out, to feel what happens, and continue to go out 1/2 turn testing it each time. You may be able to decide, by feel, what is really going on.


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