Awesome Efi - 08 Te 510

Yesterday I entered the Innot Hot Springs Pony Express race, on Rhonda my new 08 TE510, along with another 146 riders. We found out that the track consisted of a 13 km loop on a cattle station that was very sandy & mixed with black soil, quite a few creek crossings with drop offs on entry & steep slippery exits. The only problem was, that over 100 mm (4“) of rain fell the night before the race, creating havoc out on the track.

Not wanting to get too excited & head off early I opted to take a back seat & wait my turn. Once into the sighting lap I realised my mistake & wished that I’d headed off earlier, the track consisted of deep, sloppy, fine sand/black soil that the earlier riders had churned up. The wheel tracks looked good until you were in them, they were stopping bikes in their tracks & you had to physically pull them out. In many instances the bikes needed two or more people to help remove them from the sticky sloppy bog. It was so sticky in places that bikes would stall when trying to get the rear wheel to spin.

After getting stuck up to the axles several times my self, I resorted to grabbing the handle bars, pulling the bike over until it was flat on the ground, taking hold of the fantastic hand hold of the side plate & dragging the rear of the bike sideways out of the sand/mud & then drag the out front wheel. I would then stand her up jump on, then just hit the button for a trouble free start time after time after time again. I have to say how impressed I was with the EFI, flawless every time I started & in these wet conditions. Other riders were using the same pull it to the ground & drag it out technique but were having a hell of a time trying to get their bikes started again after. I was chuckling to my self as I smelt the spilled fuel & I watched the frustration of the other riders, cursing & swearing whilst trying to get their bikes going again, how lucky I was to have the new Husky with the EFI.:cry: I even stalled her on a steep bank on the exit of a deep creek & slid back into the water until the water came up to the seat & my butt. With the engine totally submerged I gave her a kick in the guts & away I went up the bank & on to the next section, as I said earlier VERY impressed with the EFI & the bikes ability to start in these atrocious conditions.:)

Of course when we arrived back at the marshalling tent the red flag was up cancelling the event & after a sighting lap of 2 hours I wasn’t keen to take my new $13000 bike back into those conditions. We won't forget this race for a while, very challenging. Great news for Husqvarna & the new EFI bikes.


Sounds like fun, sorta. It's those kind of events that make for long lasting memories.

Sounds fantastic!

Sighting lap = 1st lap?

Its a lap before the race starts,to familirise yourself to the track,and it sounds like a bike braker.

The EFI is incredible for starting. Just fires up every time. We just went for a 2 day ride at Coffs Harbour n had 300mm in 2 days and its still dusty in Victoria, figure that out. Theres a guy down here playing with a EFI controller to up the horse power. Ive only played with the diagnostic tool from Husky but not up with EFI. It makes TPS adjustment alot easier than with ohms meter but didnt have a workshop manual to check the other adjustments. My mate just done his shock n fitted 5 extra high speed shims to stop the harsh bottoming and softened the initial stroke. Forks just needed a splitter to take the initial harshness out. Gunna have the two WEC Husky factory riders at my place for the Australian four day enduro but I think Obluki will ride a 2 stroke but Meo may be on a 450

They are unbelievable when you hit the water crossings, i agree.

We went to Cathu a couple of weeks back and same - water up to the seat & through it went, Husky & a Gasser made it no worries - Yami 2 smoke didn`t fair so well.:applause:

Atherton Area is bloody horific with heaps of water, sounds like you had fun:confused:

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