pulled threads now what. help please.

well after going riding i noticed that the the oil line thats right above my oil filter and goes to the head and crankcase was leaking a little so without even thinking about it i threw a wrench on and round she went, there is still about 1/4 inch of threads down lower but dont think i should buy a longer bolt. has this happend to anyone else, if so how can i fix it?.

Sorry by the way its an 01 426 and its the bango (sp) bolt that goes through the line at the bottom.

Any help would be great thanks.

Repair the threads by using a Time-Sert, preferably, or a Heli-Coil.

thanks for the reply can i do this in the bike or do i have to take the case off bucause of the shavings while drilling?

You can do the job on the bike, but it would be better to take it off for the purpose, especially since the oil passage you're drilling into leads to the camshafts.

Also, the Time-Sert is a far better choice for this particular repair, since the tooling provided with the kits squares the face of the repaired hole with the bore, which in the case of drain plugs and banjo bolts is of special importance; it keeps them from leaking.

ya ill just pull it off i need to change the water pump seals anyways, and good time to check the clutch. Thanks for all the help.


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