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No rear brakes

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OK so my 03 WR450 has been sitting for 3 months this weekend with temperatures in the 50's all week there should be just enough snow melted in a couple of areas for some riding.

I did not check anything out first just took my 450 out to the riding area.

It fired up easily enough and I take off.

Only to find out I have no rear brakes.

Back to the truck I try bleeding the rear caliper first just brake fluid then I get some air bubbles in the brake fluid.

I keep bleeding until the fluid is down half way in the window still no brakes and no brake fluid on the truck.

Well after 3 months of no riding I figure if I can get going with only one wheel being powered. I should be able to stop with just wheel also.

So any thoughts on how to get the brakes working again?

Should I just fill the reservoir and keep bleeding?

There was no leakage anywhere.

Does the Yamaha have a history of the master cylinder going out?

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Keep bleeding at least one more resevoir full. Odds are some moisture got in there.

Also, might not be your master cylinder. Might need to rebuild your rear caliper. There are kits for both or you can order the seals out from the parts breakdown.

try here for parts:


5 5UN-W0047-50-00 CALIPER SEAL KIT

Can't be in a hurry though, people are SLAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... (slow)

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