Two must have mods for a WR-250

Motosportz steering damper & Keihin PWK carb. I have ridden off-road bikes for almost 30 years and finally got around to trying a steering damper. I have had a 02, a 04, & now a 07 WR-250. The stock suspension on the 07 works better than the other two, but I was going to have it revalved until I installed a damper from Motosportz. I know that dampers are not designed as a suspension fix, but on my WR it made a huge differance. Without the damper, the front end wanted to wander in the slower rocky sections & you never knew what it was going to do. With the damper, it has a much more planted feeling & not so unpredictible. As with the suspension, the carburation on my 07 was better than the previous one's. When I had the PWK on my 04, it didn't run much differant than stock. Not true with my 07. It did away with the soft spot or transition between the bottom & mid which is what I was hoping for, but also gave it more power everywhere, almost to the point of to much. It is by far the best carburated WR-250 Iv'e ridden. I am hoping that better milage will also be a result from using the PWK.

Glad to hear the bike is even better with the PWK.

I got your message a little too late. You didn't miss much

What size PWK? and what are the jetting specs?

PWK 39 Airstriker, 175 main, 50 pilot, #7 slide, DDK needle with clip in #3 position. Others have posted that the C series needles are the way to go, but at 1000' elevation & 50 degrees this set up sure worked for me.

How much did the carb cost? and where did you get it?


Carb Parts Warehouse has them for around 230.00. You can also get it from Service Honda for around 160.00, but I think it comes with a differant slide. Check E-Bay and any of the KTM forums because I believe it came stock on KTM 250's.

I have one from a Honda and one from a KTM (technically one is my brother's but thats not relevant), both are PWK38s. The Honda one is from a 2000 CR250 I believe (only year they had a PWK) and the KTM one is from a 200EXC 02-05 (non screw top PWKs from other KTMs don't fit). The KTM has a 6.5 slide and the Honda has a 7.0. Both are Air-strikers. The KTM one can be used with the stock Husky throttle cable if you trade cable connections with the stock carb. (it unscrews). The Honda top is a little different and doesn't unscrew so you have to get another cable, or find a buddy with a KTM and trade carb tops since the KTM works fine with either (I traded with my 200EXC and I didn't even have to adjust the throttle cable). The KTM carb has a cut down needle shroud compared to other PWK carbs which makes the bottom a little leaner but then since it has a richer slide it comes out fairly close to the same and either will work fine.

Got the KTM carb. for $180 new but they've gone up since then, so my next one I got a Honda carb for like $160 but the shipping was high so it came out to about $180 also.



Oh yeah, and I was supposed to order a Motosportz damper for my WR125 last week but I've been too busy to order it... I'll be getting it soon though.

I got my PWK slightly used from a buddy of mine for 100.00, but I was wrong on the size. I have the 38, not the 39. I realize now I could have used the stock cable, but since I have the damper and oversize tank, the 4" longer than stock KTM cable from Motion Pro works great.

do you think it matters if it is a 6.5 slide or a 7.0 slide

do you think it matters if it is a 6.5 slide or a 7.0 slide

No, not really, I'd say if you have a 7.0 then you might use a "J" needle instead of a "K" needle since it will slightly richen the same general area that the slide would lean out and make it similar to a 6.5 with a "K". By "J" and "K" I mean the last letter of the needle code... like DDK, DDJ, CCK, CCJ.

Actually I'm not sure the difference is even noticeable in most cases and I believe they can be jetted to be very close to the same effective jetting.


I was having a lot of trouble getting rid of that hit on my '07 WR 250 and just don't want to spend the money yet on the PWK. My bike will crawl up just about anything at low throttle but when you get past 1/4 throttle look out as it was violent. I went to the 4th clip postition and it is so much better. I am running a 32.5 pilot, 400 main, 3.5 slide, 60 needle from 3rd now to 4th clip. It really helped my speed coming out of turns as before I was scared it was going to send me in the air. There is still a slight hit there but I think I am very close now. With the Motosportz damper did your bar height go up a lot?

PWK 39 Airstriker, 175 main, 50 pilot, #7 slide, DDK needle with clip in #3 position. Others have posted that the C series needles are the way to go, but at 1000' elevation & 50 degrees this set up sure worked for me.

Keihin does not list a PWK 39 Air Striker but rather a 38mm. I could not google it either. Are you sure?

The G2 throttle will take care of the hit. OFG

Which one do you recommend, OFG? CAM 100, 200 or 400?

I rode this bike a couple weeks back. The PWk is worth every penny, don't even bother doing anything else first for power. It was on the edge of being too much. I rode a 08 300XC the weekend before and it has nothing on a late model WR250 with a PWK. My 02 never ran anywhere near as strong with a PWK. Whatever Husky changed on this motor it is just plain fast now.

The G2 is nice but the husky motor is so linear jetted correctly that I don't know if it is needed. I had a bike with a big hit once and the G2 400 cam was great on it. I used the 200 on my WR250 and of course the 100 on my 125.

I am using the 400 cam but will switch over to try the others soon. Been kind of muddy here. My bike had that hit with the G2 so you know it was a crazy hit there. These 250's have such a good motor and am always shocked at how much just a little change effects it. I was riding back to back with a TXC 250 last weekend and there is no comparison on power. The TXC is a excellent bike but when there is logs and ignorant stuff the 250 is so simple to ride. You know when you are hopping over a 2-3 foot log you actually have time to pick the placement of your front tire on top of it. Maybe because it is not mine but on the four strokes I am just trying to not bash the frame and normally miss the front tire even hitting the log. I will say in the flowing stuff the four strokes seem faster through it. I like them all. I will order a PWK soon from Honda as I get a better price but where do I get the DDK needle? Sudco has a minimum $50.00 order I believe. I think I have the 7.0 slide from the 36mm PWK, should be the same right?

I think the slides area all the same. With the PWK it is easy to change needles to compensate for a different slide. At least that is what it looks like when I enter different needles and slides in the JD spreadsheet.

I am not sure where to get individual needles. I have RB Designes right next to me and I get them there. You might be able to get the oem eqivelent from a dealer. Is the DDK supposed to be the one to use for the 250? My 125 liked the CCK in winter and the DCL in spring.

Now could it be possible to get used to the hit and use it at one's advantage?

For instance, if you realize the hill you're about to attack will require all the power you can get and you underestimated, clicking it is then often required. In that instance, a hit is a good thing. Just my idea.

I JUST ordered the PKW carb 1 hour ago. I will still keep my g-2 and adjust the cam accordingly. I am running the 400 slow cam now, my motor is so smooth!! But I am tired of this finicky carb. OFG

I JUST ordered the PKW carb 1 hour ago. I will still keep my g-2 and adjust the cam accordingly. I am running the 400 slow cam now, my motor is so smooth!! But I am tired of this finicky carb. OFG

What PWK carb did you get and where? Just for info. I have an 04 and mine is just smooth as it is.

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