flywheel weight recomendations

Does anybody happen to know the inertia mass of the Steehly +9oz flywheel? I'm trying to decide between that or the GYTR.
I don't know it, but if the flywheel is configured as a welded on ring weight, as is the GYT-R, it should be very similar. The GYT-R adds about the same 9 ounces.

My son and I both have 04 mine has a 14oz and his has a 9oz power feels the same but mine difinetly is better in the tight stuff. Here is where bigger is better. Maybe the 06 doesnt have the same flywheel and the hit may be a little less but I still think you would be better off with bigger. I don't think you are going to loose anything but stalls.

i have 06 and it has both rekluse pro and heavy flywheel weight. the bike is super fun and easy. Rode a trail last weekend the trail boss called chernobyl. super tight ticky tacky fresh cut first gear woods. no stall, no clutch. Nice. i was reluctant about the rekluse but have not found a place where i don't like it. wiz636, ask woody what he put on his 06. i don't know if he will know the super tech, but he knows what he put on that bike.

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