clutch basket 650r

My clutch basket is starting to(21K miles) show some grooves. What do you guys use to hold the basket when you remove the nut. Also, some helpful hints would be appreciated. thanx

I removed my basket initially to put the new updated more oil holes bushing in w/ an impact wrench and held the basket w a small piece of wood. The second time to put my Hinson in, I shattered the whole unit and had to re-order the base....Good luck......

86' xl600r kickstart help... Check that posting for details on how to remove the basket without the Special Tool.

No special tools needed. Just did this one myself.

Hammer/drill out a little of that indent thats on the nut (you'll see what I mean) then get a breaker bar and the socket.

Put it in 5th gear before you pull the clutch cover off then drop it with a heavy friend sitting on the bike and holding the front/rear brakes...she'll brake right loose.

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