Where The Heck Is Hepler?


what is up with Hepler? nobody has said anything. is he injured? loose his ride? got lost? got milk? i have not heard a thing:confused: .

he got hurt, i forgot what it was but i want to say collarbone?

it was his thumb. expect him back within 5 weeks

i was disappointed when he left suzuki but i'm sure they're glad he decided not to stay.....he's damn fast but he can't seem to ride more than a couple of months before he knocks himself silly....

my bad...

yeah that is a total bummer. i was hoping that he would do well this year. same with langston a little disappointing for sure.

I just watched the Transworld Mx Movie "Why" and its got a Interview/Segment about Hepler...

I bet he will make a Jump to GNCC or WORCS...its his goal (after MX)..Soon next couple of Years

watch the Movie and you will see why...he is Fassssst in the woods

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