can there be to much air for the carb

i have a 2007 drz400sm, its jetted has a pipe and a K&N air filter , also the top of the air box is cut open . i want to get more air was going to put the filters in side panels to get more air . but can there be to much????:applause: i only ride the SM on the street i call it a sportbike killer in the turns .

Yes the carb can get too much air, causing it to run lean... You need a perfect balance of air and gas, hence the reason your bike was jetted most likely when you got your pipe.

a 3"x3" hole in the top is all you need unless your going to spend a whole lot of money on the engine/intake.if your bike already has the 3x3 and the bike came jetted for that then leave it.

thanks for the help

um, correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it a carb can only take in a given amount of cubic feet of air per minute. You cannot force feed it air without some sort of pressurised compressed air feed or something of the like. It should not matter if the airbox is even there to the carb, as it's only function is to keep dirt and water out.

Eddie want to chime in?

on stock motors,past the point of 3x3 is pretty much not doing any thing except requring a bigger main jet.

all the jetting set ups you see are for an exact 3x3 hole.any more or any less and your on your own for jetting.

intake hole size is the biggest factor in jetting.

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