wr 426 info ??

I'm just about to buy a new WR 426. From everything I have heard, this bike should keep me satisfied for a long time. I'm 6'3" and am an intermediate dirt/sand rider. I'm trying to decide 100% if I should'nt get a DRZ 400 or maybe something else. Any advice out there??

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Welcome to TT,

You might want to use the search function at the top of this page. Search here and on the DRZ forum, use words such as "drz vs wr" and "which bike".

If your an aggresive trail rider who likes to MX once in a while, get the WR. If you like a nimble, soft, cushy ride with decent power, get the DRZ.

CAUTION: this topic may explode at any moment :)


All I can say is electric start. If your not racing and just want to have fun the DRz400e is a nice bike. You can buy the bike for $1200 cheaper and will only have to add a pipe to get good performance. The Wr is not so easy. You'll spend alot of money,time,and headaches trying to get it right. Once you do you will have a monster that a DRZ can't touch. It all depends on your age. The young guys want the speed and power to go places and the older just want to get there. The DRZ will get you anywhere. I was just talked into the WR426 buy my young friends, and $7,000+ later I think I have gotten the monster right. Just remember electric start.

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