Sikk pit bikes any good?

I was just surfing the web and came across Sikk Inc. They make all sorts off toys. Does anyone know if this is a good brand. The pit bikes look cool. But the Chinnese engine is what scares me.:applause:

I have heard they are not too great. Just so you know, I am a china bike fan. I own one and am going to buy another. You do have to make sure you buy from a reputable company. (SGR-USA, Outlawpowersports, tboltusa are three that come to mind) I don't believe any of them carry sikk. There is probably a reason.

outlaw carries them...they had a batch of bad motor a long while back 06 or so ...but seem to have resolved it with the new motors I have one amongst other bikes. and this bike is on par with my thumpstar. I actually prefer it over my Honda. Alot better quality then some may be willing to admit..but you know how opinions go..lots of guys round here have them as their(sikk) is local...these bikes get beat and keep truckin...just my humble opinion

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