Sikk inc. any good??

They look cool but are the engines good. I just want something that runs good and to fool around on. So is it worth payin about 1,000 dollars.


and I have First hand knowledge of them....:eek:

a complete disaster (3) brand new motors JUNK

Brand New 2006 SIKKMX 125 XL...JUNK!!!

3 motors blew, the trannys in less than 3 hour (Each)

Forks Blew out....:)

Brakes locked up & brakes Failed.....:cry:

(2) Rear shocks blew.....:banghead:

(2) Gas tanks split....

all this in less than 2 weeks

Dumped the Bike with a New GPX 125, dealer replaced all worn parts and dropped SIKKMX with all the problems they had with all the 15 bikes they sold to Customers

including (4) Perimeter Framed Bikes......F-in JUNK...:foul:

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