New Graphics For The 426

Fresh Graphics for:

Gas Tank


Front Fender

Rear Fender

Fork Decals

Those particular fork decals didn't come for my model so I had to do a little trimming but I think they turned out good:excuseme:

Delta Graphics Kit






I've been in D.C. all week so I haven't had the chance to put them on. I finally got around to it today and everything turned out just as I had hoped.

For those who care: the windex method worked out great. I used cool shots from the hair-dryer to dry the edges. After, I used the regular hot air to WARM the glue so the edges would stick especially well.

Tell me what you think. Do you like it? Dislike it? Thanks:)

This looks awesome! Great job, I've been looking for a new kit for my 02 426 and might do something similar cause it looks so good!

Nice work.

nice! were almost twins...i even have those same grips!:applause:

nice! were almost twins...i even have those same grips!:applause:

post a pic of your bike. i'm curious to see what you matched the delta graphics to:thumbsup:

ive posted these before but now i have silver case covers and valve cover:ride:




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