TTR 125 Gas Tank Question

Does anyone know if I can get a BLACK gas tank for a TTR 125??? I can't seem to find one anywhere. :applause:

i have been looking for a white one if u do come across one tell me ok. i would take a black one to but if u do come across one tell me alright .

I think the 2008 125s are black, so you can get one from Yamaha if you want to fork out 170 skins

I used black plastic paint for my son's TTR125. At first I was realy happy with it, it came out looking perfect. If you want a black tank forget about paining it! It's starting to bubble on the top by the gas cap. I'm sure that it's from gas fumes bleeding through the plastic. I have been very careful not to drip any fuel on the paint while filling it. I might try treating the inside of the tank with "Kreem" liquid tank linning. I have used that stuff on rusted steel tanks with good results. However, I don't know how it will work on a plastic tank. My guess is that it should do a good job of sealing the inside of the tank and keep the vapors from bleeding through. That's a project I don't have time for.

What I realy need to do is just pony up the cash and get an 08 factory black TTR tank. What my son needs to do is get a job and buy the tank himself : )

BTW, the (white) plastic paint was a pain to work with but it did a good job on the radiator shrouds.


Thanks everyone! niiiice yamaha!

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