450x and 450r air filter

does the 450x 06 have the same air filter as the 450R i want to buy a k&n for my bike but they have it for the 450R only please let me know:confused: :applause:

Oem filter for 450 R & X are different, but usable on a 450X

That's the first thing I thought about after getting my 450X... well ok, maybe the second thing actually, getting the K&N Air Filter. Having used K&N filters on all my vehicles, I was not too thrilled about the thought of cleaning the old foam filter. I went to the K&N site and like they suggested, requested the filter be produced for the 450X. Wonder if they really do respond to those requests? Guess we'll see.

And... I can't produce hard evidence but I'd say each of my vehicles [bikes, car and truck] all perform just a little better with that K&N filter installed.

You may find, if you do some searches, that the overall feeling about using the K&N filter on the X is that it is not a good idea. The K&N does let in more dirt than a foam filter, which is a very bad thing for titanium valves, and a precision motor in general.

I have tried K&N on previous motorcycles, and have discovered a very fine layer of dust lining the intake boot. Not good.

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K&N is ok for the street but in a really dusty environment like the dirt the K&N is really hard to clean and keep clean.

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