snapped the frame

No wonder!!:applause: He dropped out of the air at about 15ft, Not many frames can take that kind of punishment. Not to say anything about your gonad!:)



ouch that looked hard

whats with the quality


That's gonna hurt in the morning.

what bike was it?

fell out of the air pretty high before... not that high... but maybe 12-15 ft and flat landed and im a heavy mofo...

No stress cracks yet.

gwt some close up pics

Yeah, jumping that high and that far with such a flat landing can break a frame. You can see him compress and rebounds before the area with more slope. Might be better if you go with a little less lip and a little more speed.

it was taken on my env so the video isnt that good... ill try and post some pics and it was a 07 yz450F that he had been riding for about 3 months.. he is a pro rider so he torchers his bike though...

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