KX 65 question

I'm seriously considering this bike for my nine year old. He's kinda on the small side at 4'2" 54lbs. Any thoughts. Also for you CA guys...any knowledge if a year group was green sticker?

Most of the riding will be trail and desert. Will start taking to the track as soon as he gets used to it.

That really depends on what machine your son has prior experience on and what his skill level is.

Some might disagree, but the KX65 is very aggressive and the powerband comes on really strong. I've seen quite a few parents step-up to the 65 and end up selling it for a KLX110 or likewise machine because it was simply too much for their kiddo.

If you son is upgrading from a 50sx or something similar, I'd say have at it. If you settle on the 65 and find that it's too much for him, you can always detune the engines performance until he's capable of managing the power.

He's been riding a TTR-90 around for the last year. A CRF50 since he was 6. He shifts throught 90's gears pretty well. I thought about the TTR110 but it would just be very similar to the 90. I need to give the 90 to my 7 year old that is totally beyond the 50 now.

My 9 year old is a prettly solid rider with good throttle control and common sense.

After a TTR-90, I'd say he's definitely ready for a 65.

My son stepped up to a KX65 at age 10 from a KLX110. Getting used to the clutch and the power band was an adjustment, but didn't take him long. He loves the better suspension, more power and lighter weight. Double check me on this but I believe '02 and older are green sticker.

I moved my son from a KTM Pro Jr to a RM65 (exact same bike as a KX65) at age 7. Now he's 9, 60#, and about 48" tall. So from a size perspective, I'd say your son should be just fine.

I swapped out the stock fork springs for ones that were 2 steps softer from Suzuki (tip: Suzuki parts are often cheaper than Kawi ones), raised the forks until they just touched the bars, and spun the shock preload all the way up.

While it is an aggressive motor, it's nothing that can't be learned or overcome. We've been on MX tracks, desert riding, trail riding, and yesterday came home from Pismo sand dunes. Great little bike.

2002 and older get green stickers, 03 and newer get the communist sticker. 00 and 01 bikes had smaller frames, forks, and some other minor changes. Sounds like you should be looking for an 02.

My son started riding last spring at age 7, spent one day on a CRF50, then onto a CRF70 for a few weeks, then bought himself the KX65 mid summer, he was in the power band immediately, just loving it, and was jumping it the second day he owned it. They're a handful, but if your son has a good head on his shoulders, he'll be fine with it.

Thanks for the respones guys. I really appreciate it. It's hard to get any help on the TTR forum. I am looking at an '02 now.

Since you're in CA, I'd highly suggest Craigslist, the Recycler and Cycle Trader. You should be able to find an '02 for $9-$1,200 or so.

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