r304 shorty

I was just taking a look at my r304 shorty and there was some kind of flange about an inch into the end cap, you can feel that it creates a little reducer that would seem to block flow, its hard to explain but if you have one, rub ur finger down the end cap a bit and you'll feel it. now i was wondering on griding this down to make a smoother flow but don't know if it could hurt anything, im really worried that it may make it louder or sound differently?

the shorty has got to be the least restrictive silencer known. I wouldn't worry about it.

Mine has one of these as well. The reducer was added to help with top end power....No idea if it worked as I was not able to try a before and after.

Mine has one of these as well. The reducer was added to help with top end power....No idea if it worked as I was not able to try a before and after.

that reducer also helps make the engine detonate more.

its works on a similar principle to the SST pipes.

why would you want it to detonate? you guys are talking about the little flange that you can feel that would restrict the flow from the core going into the end cap? what results should i expect to see if i ground it off?

You would not want it to detonate. I think Bruce may be saying it was a not so great idea...

would i loose that much topend by removing it, and what is the sst principal?

Yea from everything Ive been taught... detonation isnt good! Maybe all my teachers were wrong though! :applause::):cry:

I've got a PC shorty along with a load of other silencers. It's my least favourite, it has quite tight bends in the pipe work and is restircted down to 23.5mm on the outlet. It's loud and loses overrev. The Dep is longer but 26mm on the outlet and much straighter pipework. Quiter and revs further. The stock 05 is 24mm on the outlet so bigger than the shorty. What you really want is the YRRD titanium silencer, 30mm tubing instead of 28.5 and and outlet of 26mm. Not easy to come by, luckily not impossible.....Yippeee

So where would one be able to find a yrrd silencer?? in the US

So where would one be able to find a yrrd silencer?? in the US

Yeah yeah

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