Best woods bike for me.

I'm 5'9" tall, 125 lbs without gear. Coming off of a CRF150F, what would be the best woods bike for me. I will be doing trail rides for a while but I do plan to start racing harescrambles pretty soon. As far as budget, I'm selling my 150 and have about $500 saved up. So probably $2500 at most.


i'd say a second hand KTM 200 EXC would be a great bike for what your looking at doing..

I was kind of thinking that but they are kind of hard to find around here.e

really any of the KTM exc's are great bikes, they're set up for off road now track riding, the 200 and 300 in particular are meant to be awesome.

KDX 200 or 220 and have a little money left over possibly

Get a KTM200, MXC or EXC and have that. Or buy a cheaper 125 and put some handguards and other mods to make it more offroad friendly.

For the price range your looking at I would recommend either a Kdx200/220 or if you are unable to find one I would also recommend a late model 125. Probably the Yz125 being the highest on the list of 125's. Despite the general concensus on here 125's are perfectly capable woods bikes. They just have to be ridden aggressively. Hence why I recommend the Kdx as a first choice.

ok, thanks for the help guys

I've owned 2 KTM200 EXC's and 2 KDX's a 200&220. I prefer the KDX's for tight nasty woods riding due to their smooth power delivery compared to the KTM's. You can do a ton of mods to a KDX to make it competitive.

A 125 in tight woods can be a handful due to keeping in on the pipe to get up and hills. Some smaller guys can rock the 125's in the woods though. If you can find an older (early '00's)KTM 125 EXC or same years Huskqarna WE 125 I would go for it. They are 125's built for woods riding.

Good luck.

i'd say a second hand KTM 200 EXC would be a great bike for what your looking at doing..


That is a great deal. It would go for $1000 more up hear in the Northwest. Put a FWW or autoclutch on it and you have a very nice woods weapon.,easy to work on,fun to ride,fast,and a perfect woods bike


+3 :applause: But like you said hard to find. However if he can ride that he could probably handle a YZ250 or the likes of that?

since you have been riding already and stuff, why not get a late 90's to early 2000's YZ250? they are a good woods bike and are really realiable and easy to come by and easy to get parts for......if you dont have a KTM dealer near you they are pain to get parts (I owned a KTM 400 for a couple years)

I will add though that a YZ125 would be awesome and will make you a MUCH better rider in the future.

hmm, only if you had a few more bucks. I'd say go with a mx 250F, any brand. I race a CRF250R for HareScrambles, perfect bike for HS in my opinion. I also came off a CRF150F 2 yrs ago, and went straight to a 250f. I do have to say, the KTM 300exc is one hell of a bike though!

Right now i'm probably going for a 250 smoker. They are in my price range and are good woods bikes from what i've heard.

if your gonna plan on doing harescrambles you could go with one of two bikes from yamaha:

WR250F- Its more of a trail bike but it gets the job done either way. It also has a headlight.

YZ250F- Big bike meant for racing. Can be used for trails.

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