2006 YZ250 Shock and Fork Oil Change

I need to change my fork seals so why I'm at it I'm also going to change the rear shock oil. For those of you who have already changed their fork and shock fluid what type of fluid did you use and how much oil will I need for each. I am looking to keep the same feel as stock and was wondering what brand and weight of oil I should use? How hard of a job was it? Any words of caution I should know about? Any suggestions appreciated.

For the fork oil i have tried a million different kinds anything from amsoil to redline. I wasnt impressed one bit with amsoil as the weights werent consistent compared to other fluids. My favorite was the Bel-ray because of the performance and the consistent viscocity(sp?) of the weights they offer. Shock oil i've been using maxima but im still fighting to get all the air out of the shock so i couldn't comment on the true performance but it looks like some good stuff.

I almost forgot...you will probably need 2 quarts of fork oil and 1 quart of shock oil

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