head rebuild questions

What parts in the valve train can I reuse? Can I reuse the: cotters, valve spring seat, valve spring retainer, valve stem, valve guides? I plan on rebuilding with oem parts this time because they are the least expensive and later get a 07 head set up from RHC. I know this might not be the most logical thing but money is tight at the moment and this will keep me running. Yes I'm getting the seats cut too. Thanks for any info.

You really need to have it disassembled and spec'd to see what your dealing with. There's posts on here where guys have just replaced the one intake that zero'd. Replacing the valve(s) that are bad and the valve stem seals could get you back in the game "on the cheap" if your valve guides are ok. Don't mess around at your Honda dealer either. Talk to AgentSmith!!!

For a head rebuild, OEM components are OK. You will need to get the guides checked and the seats cut.

Then you will need some new OEM parts... Seals, valves, springs, cotter, and retainers.

In take giudes are always good .the exhaust guides are wore out 99% of the time and usally need to be replaced i prefer to honing them to size rather than reaming them yes they will still run .to recondition a head properly the exhaust guides should be replaced and sized new exhaust valves installed new intake valves and seats should be machined and checked for concentricity with a gauge and should be well under .001" run out to seal properly ,dykem or bluing on the valve does not tell the whole story you can makes a valve print with a lot of run out in the seat and the bike will still run i had seen seats with run out as much as .006" from the factory.i have never had a problem reusing the valve cotters valve springs are cheap and good insurance.

Thanks this all helps but what about replacing the spring seats(not valve seats) and spring retainers? Is that necessary or not. I was going for new springs and guides and seals and get the seats all cut to match just wondering if the solid non moving parts needed replacing? I couldn't really see where they would have any real wear on them or their strength would be diminished, again thanks for all the responses.

No need to replace the spring seats and retainers.

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