WR or CR?

Hey guys, basically im after a bike to get into MX with. Nothing serious, just for fun. I've ridden bikes for years but this is my first step into doing off roading.

I've been looking for a CR 125 but they seem to be pretty rare over here, altho I've recently been told that i should consider getting a WR instead? anyone ever used a WR for moto- x? :applause:

Cheers guys

I wouldnt say a WR is a motocross bike from the factory by any means. They are really restricted from the factory as well as soft valved suspension = not a very moto oriented bike.

Dont get me wrong WR's are great for their intended purpose which is trail riding but for MX id go with something that is designed for the track. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Just my .02

The Wr is a full on race bike as is the Cr although meant for two different disciplines. If it is easier to get your hands on a wr go for it. If your hell bent on just mx you can easily turn the wr into a cr. Just swap flywheel, silencer, ignition and switch to a 19" rear wheel and voila!..CR... If i'm missing something I'm sure the others will chime in. good luck with your search

I wouldn't mind which one i got, i'm just not sure if the WR it suitable for MX tracks? it would only be ridden on a novice and casual level

Although I would see myself take my WR to a track to improve some of my techniques, especially cornering, I would never attempt to race it.

If you are serious about MX racing and just want to trail ride for fun (and learn something out of it), then a CR is better for you. You see plenty of MX bikes on the trials. Usually you change the sprockets accordingly (or not).

I wouldn't be racing the bike, i just might take it too the local MX track for a blast on the weekends. Also with the WR i could use it on road so potentially get alot more use out of it.

Will the suspension and set up of the bike not be suitable for the occasional MX track then?

i have rode both the cr and wr, just got back to a cr now and will not go back if i can help it. The power on the wr's is a little more forgiving with the heavier flywheel, but i still like the on/off power of the cr's better.

Use to race back a few years ago(late 70"s + a little) and always rode the cr's ,mx and hare scrambles. quit riding in mid 80's and came back in 2000 with a last of the sweeds 88 wrx 250, then a 95 250 wxe(wxc were only difer in the lights dept? i think, really liked that bike though. Then a 02 360 wr ,and last a 250 02 cr.

What year 125?

I think surfer1100 summed it up very well. You looking at two different bikes designed for two different purposes.

Both bikes are excellent machines, but you need to look at where you plan on riding most of the time.

The WR could be a MX bike with modifications, but the CR is already a MX bike. If you're going to do more trail riding than MX riding go for the WR. It's a tough call.

By the way, what about a YZ? :smirk:

OK listen guy's --- WR's are in my opinion the best off-on -road and woodsbike, but if your at a track jumping 50% of the time go yz or cr -- the front end on the wr is not the same as a yz period. Dont get me wrong, you can go on a mx track with a wr but your not going to win. The wr is ment to shine very brightly in backcountry and woods riding where mx's are alot harder to handle in the "poop" of things lol.

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