Which top shelf SM wheels? Marchesini, Carrozzeria, Alpina or stock?

Hey guys - I'm doing some research and hit a few questions...

How durable are the top shelf wheels? Are they a street only wheel? Will they take the stress of some jumps and bumps?

I have always lusted after the top shelf wheels, but knew I could never afford the upgrade until someone opened my eyes to the fact that my stock wheels can sell for $850 to $1200 to offset the cost - maybe I'll go for the upgrade.

The top shelf wheels obviously offer plenty of bling factor and offer the tubeless tire option. Do they weigh less than spoke wheels? What other benefits are there to the top shelf wheels?

It seems that everyone that wants to upgrade their SM wheels goes with the Marchesini wheels. Has anyone here tried the Carrozzeria isntead of the Marchesinis? Both seem fairly similar. Motostrano offers a package deal with Carrozzeria wheels, new galfer wave rotors front and rear, brembo 4 piston brake caliper and new driven rear sprocket. Motostrano offers this package for $1890, a set of the Marchesini wheels, not the kit, just the wheels is $1720. Basically 170 bucks for all the extra stuff. I have read about a lot of Ducate and Aprilia sport bike guys that love their Carrozzeria wheels. I have to think that if Carrozzeria is making sumo wheels, they have to stand up to the sport... don't they? Those of you with Marchesini wheels - do you take them offroad? Do you hit jumps with them?

The Marchesini wheels -



The Carrozzeria wheels -





Completely off topic, but a pic of my daughter at the dunes 10 minutes from my house:


And a pic of my daughter in the mountains 30 minutes from my house:


Thanks in advance for your time, input and advice. :applause:


you sure live in a great environment dude! lots of riding fun there!

I just went with marchesini


did anyone read the post? do the wheels hold up for real off roading including jumps, etc? please don't just post pics and say what you bought. at that point it is fairly obvious! any experiences and info regarding your choice is what he's asking for. learn reading comprehension folks.

sorry for the rant! :applause:


some bumps?some jumps? they are fine.

i can tell you that under real SM racing conditions the teams are constantly having them sent out to be straightened.they have them in a rotation.

the benifit is a actual tubeless wheel.wheel vs wheel they weight pretty much the same as spoke wheels but you lose the weight of the tube.

if you buy them,go with marchesini.known name with known support.

i also heard running w/o tubes allows the tires to heat up faster.

ive never found any real info to support that.

I have Marchesinis because it is a trusted name. No problem whatsoever for normal/daily use.

I don't race so it's unlikely I will ever 'stress' them the way I ride.

FYI I have not seen DRZ specific wheels from Alpina but I know Galespeed has some (with the speedo drive if thas matters).

I noticed the Carrozzeria wheels come with rotors/front bracket and Brembo caliper.

Is that the same thing as the QTM/Brembo front brake kit or is it the older Brembo bracket?

Anybody tried the rear 4.75? Just curious since 4.5 is fine and 5.0 is too much :applause:

Ilsrwy27 -

Great info, thank you. Do you take yours offroad at all? Trails, jumps, etc? How many miles do You have on them? How have they held up? Thanks again.

Also, thanks to everybody that has chimed in. Special thanks to Kieth.

Or how about some super-bling Carbon Fibre SM wheels :)



At just over £1600 GBP that makes about $3200 :cry:

You beat me to it Akis :applause:

The real deal for supermoto... super light and super strong!

They do come at a price but like Branden quite rightly put it, you can sell your sm wheels and off-set the cost. I'd like to hang onto my OEM's so that if I've got a puncture ( which I got one after only having the bike a week) I can do a quick wheel swap.

Those are all great looking wheel sets!!:):cry:

I have a set of SM wheels that have not as of yet been put on. But I still drool over the tubeless ones. Don't know why...WTH is wrong w/me?:applause::banghead:

I think 3200 dollar wheels would cause me a heart attack. As beautiful as they are, 5" is as narrow as they go - just a little too wide. Wouldn't they be sweet!

Well, Eddie posted that the true racers have to get their wheels trued and fixed every so often. I recently took the training wheels off my bike, so, I am pretty far from a true racer - my bike tells me that my ignorance and my novice status is still pretty darn hard the bike.

I'm really hoping that some TT members with some miles on their wheels will chime in and tell me if the miles are strictly tarmac, or if they take them offroad, hit jumps or take them down nasty trails and how many miles they have on them.

Thanks again - I love the TT community.


i would not take them "off road".

supermoto track dirt section is one thing,trail riding is another.

So what did you have to pay for the set up? I'm thinking of throwing some on my yz 450

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So what did you have to pay for the set up? I'm thinking of throwing some on my yz 450


This is a 7 year old thread, probably not going to get much of a response.


I've done some research into mounting KTM tubeless SM wheels on a DRZ. I believe you can mount a DRZ hub in the 17" KTM rims. All in, it should cost about $1700 to have a set of tubeless spoked rims. I'm saving up, and hope I can do a real test on a front wheel before the end of riding season this year.

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