Dont forget tomorrow is the ESPN2 airing of the US Open. No, not the tennis thing or the golf thing!!!


Its on at 3:00 pm CST (I believe).

Check you local listings...


Thanks for the heads up MOMilkman ! :)

Its on at 1pm Pacific time


The motoworld site also says a GNCC at 5 est.

Yes, it is on 4 pm EASTERN TIME. 90 minutes of racing (30 minutes of commercials?).

For those of you that did not roll your clocks like you were supposed to (except Hawaii and Nevada), it would be 5pm eastern.

I saw it on espn2 today. It was actually on. It diddn't get bumped for profesional wack-a-mole :) amazing :D

I was watching that before the GNCC came on OLN. That was a dusty race. To bad they were both on at the same time. Wait to watch racing for ever and then they are stacked.

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